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vibe boost is a digital museum of video-based art, featuring a collective of returning vine editors. it is an exclusive content showcasing platform for choice editors to build their portfolios with, but differs from traditional portfolio-based platforms by taking the form of a social network. this allows us to place greater emphasis on curated content (quality > quantity) and drive viewership to deserving creators. that being said, the platform also caters to viewers with a variety of content accessibility features, making supporting your favorite creators as easy as possible.
general info:

the driving vision behind vibe boost is to support "bedroom creators". our goal is to put a spotlight on the hidden gems of the internet through the preservation and promotion of their artwork. due to the oversaturation of other well-known platforms, larger companies aren't able to give proper attention to their growing creators. we change this by keeping our collective tight-knit, and by only showcasing the best content available. this ends up being a win-win situation for creators and consumers alike, as creators will have access to a dedicated audience, and the audience will have access to feeds full of great content. imagine you are searching for quality edits elsewhere; you would have to scroll through dozens of posts just to find a couple you like. with vibe boost this discovery process changes, as our mission is to make every post you see one you like; no more wasted time searching.

basic timeline:

the alpha phase has already concluded. its purpose was to implement and test core functionalities.

current > open-beta:

a more in-depth schedule can be found on the beta info page, though the general plan of action is to release featured collections every day, showcasing the best of our roster's imported content. direct uploading will initially remain closed, thus giving us time to better prepare the platform as we continue to grow the community, though all users will still be able to partake in the following activities:

and more, with additional features to be implemented over the course of the beta phase. you can think of this phase as an extended-beta, or a soft-launch.


once the team feels ready to scale the platform we will begin to slowly allow direct uploads, starting with our roster of select editors. at this point we also plan to introduce unique social features that will help distinguish our platform from existing social networks, with an emphasis on community-driven development. this will serve as the hard-launch of the platform.

common faq:
[visit the beta info page for a beta-specific faq]
how will this platform compare to vine?

vibe boost is solely committed to furthering the editing community. whereas on vine you would see different genres such as comedy, gaming, etc., all you will see on vibe boost are edits. in this regard, you can think of vibe boost to vine sort of like twitch to youtube, as we are only focussing on a subset of creators: editors.

how do accounts work?

there are two types of users on vibe boost: creators and curators. creators are members of our own editing roster who have the exclusive ability to post content, whereas curators are members of the general community who have the exclusive ability to repost their favorite content.

verified_user represents an active creator
verified_user represents an archived creator
find_replace represents a curator
do you have a mobile app?

technically, yes; all you have to do is add us to your home screen.

for [ios] safari:

for [android] chrome:

why do i have more likes/favorites/comments/etc. than i can see?

if an uploader chooses to remove a post, all related interactions with that post are removed as well. the reason these removed posts do not subtract from your profile stats however, is due to the inherent nature of vibe boost: an archive.