under construction

the goal of our beta phase is to discover and patch bugs before eventually scaling the platform to larger audiences by slowly integrating and testing various site features. you can join our discord server here to get involved with the community, or read on for more details below.
current tentative schedule:
[visit our update log to track progress]
month 1, weeks 1-2:
month 1, weeks 3-4:
current > month 2, weeks 1-2:
month 2, weeks 3-4:
month 3, weeks 1-2:
month 3, weeks 3-4:
month 4, weeks 1-2:
month 4, weeks 3-4:
months 5+:
beta-specific faq:
[visit the about page for a common faq]
how do i upload videos?

uploading will initially remain closed, and content will instead be featured in collections from our roster's imported edits. this importing process is only temporary however, as when the platform stabilizes we will allow our roster to begin directly uploading their newer edits. though our roster is currently invite only, more information on applying to future roster recruitments will become available soon.

why can’t i follow certain users?

you can only "follow" editors on our roster. we'll introduce "friending" later to interact with everyone else.

will i keep all of my likes, favorites, comments, etc. after the beta phase ends?

yes, we plan on making your user profiles forward-compatible.

the site is down; when will it be back up?

daily maintenance is scheduled to occur every day from 12:00-1:00 am est, though the site may also be down during normal operating hours from time to time in order to perform hotfixes. in general, these downtimes are expected to only last 1 hour.

how can i help?

if you have any feedback concerning existing design (i.e. [this] input box is too small), user-experience bugs (i.e. nothing happens when [this] button is clicked), or small features that you think should be implemented (i.e. it would be helpful if there was an option to do [this]), please detail a report in the respective category on our discord server here.